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Have you ever seen two contradicting reviews about cars? Here are all the places where you will find genuine reviews. Also links to websites which contain useful information.Be aware this web site is not for use if you live in America.


Shmee150 Youtube This is the Shmee150 You tube chanel.

Shmee150 Web site This is the Shmee150 Web site.

Shmee or Tim is a car You Tuber he takes you around the world as he embarks on road trips car launches and much more. Also Tim has a rather good collection of cars himself which he posts videos on. In terms of car reviews he does the occasional one on a new car and a in depth tour which I don’t see very often on you tube so if you’re in to cars or just want to see a in depth review or his car collection click the links above.

Car Buyer

Car buyer Youtube This is the Car buyer You tube chanel.

Car buyer Web site This is the Car buyer Web site.

Car buyer is a trusted You Tube channel where the latest cars get reviewed all reviews are unbiased opinions. In five minutes all aspects of the car are covered and you will get a clearer idea of what you are looking for in a car. There are two presenters who do the job well enough there is no personal information or vlogs but useful buying advice. Prices of cars are not mentioned in the video because they change however there are up to date prices on the web site.

Auto Express

Auto Express Youtube This is the Auto Express You tube chanel.

Auto Express Web site This is the Auto Express Web site.

Auto express is much like car buyer however they cover motor shows and have reviews of the cars straight away rather than when they come to the uk. Also coverage of motor shows and they have a magazine.

Car Wow

Car Wow Youtube This is the Car Wow You tube chanel.

Car Wow Web site This is the Car Wow Web site.

Car Wow a bit like car buyer does reviews in a detailed way of every new car that comes out. However with the reviewer being Mat Watson the reviews are rather good. Car wow also has a web site on which you get many thousands of pounds of your new car so after you have chosen your dream car you can get money of win win.

Car Throttle

Car Throttle Youtube This is the Car Throttle You tube chanel.

Car Throttle Web site This is the Car Throttle Web site.

project mx 5 This is the project mx 5 playlist.

Car Throttle Facebook page This is the Car Throttle Facebook page.

Car throttle is a automotive YouTube channel like no other it is full of grate enjoyable content and the budget fun side of motoring we don’t usually see. With their most famous you tube series being project mx-5. Where the main guy on the Car throttle YouTube channel buys a original mx-5 and creates a very fast mx-5 with maximum fun. However quite a lot goes wrong to see every episode click the link above. As well they have their own app and very popular Facebook page. Car Throttle is a must if you are in to cars.

Sunday Times Driving

Sunday Times Driving This is the Sunday Times Driving Web site.

At first glance it might not seem like much however when you have Jeremy Clarkson writing for you then the tables turn. When Jeremy says a car is good it is. You can find the reviews in the Sunday times paper or online at the link above.


Mr JWW You Tube This is the Mr JWW You Tube chanel.

Mr JWW Web site This is the Mr JWW Web site.

Mr JWW is a supercar life style vlogger. Taking you on his journey as he buys and drives and reviews his cars so you can get a idea about what they are like to live with. His filming and choreography isn’t bad to.

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